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New Car Tests

Will there be any New Car Tests coming up in the near future? I realise this is a more aftermarket/high-performance oriented magazine, but the last New Car Test was over two months ago in February. I enjoy reading the New Car Tests as they provide a very down-to-Earth view of how the car drives. Which is one of the reasons I specifically considered, test drove and bought my first car; a 2005 Ford Fiesta.

Andrei G

The short answer is that we’re not sure. As for the long answer...

Following New Car Test - Alfa 166 Sportronic, Alfa, Citroen and Kia have not made any press cars available (all have the same importer). Peugeot no longer make press cars available (see Of Peugeot Press Cars), and Ford won’t make press cars available if they’re to be tested by Julian Edgar (see From the Editor). HSV haven’t spoken to us since The Spin Circuit.

In the last few months we’ve approached for press cars Toyota, Lotus and Suzuki, in each case receiving no response. That leaves, amongst others, the stalwarts of Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Honda, Holden and Volvo who have always been positive in providing press cars, irrespective of what we have previously written about their cars.

Do readers think that testing cars from a small selection of the manufacturers - rather than from a representative range of manufacturers – is the approach we should take?

Suspension Measurements

Just a quick comment on the article on Frank's suspension – Frank's Suspension, Part 1. In the section titled "Ride Height Changes", the table with the ride heights doesn't provide any indication of the units of measure. While I recognise the fact that these measurements are given in cm, the paragraph immediately after the table mentions the difference in height in mm, which may confuse people. I would suggest you should specify the units of measure in the table, and for consistency, maybe show these measurements in mm, rather than cm.

Martin Pot


Viscous Couplings Off-Road

Re: Viscous Coupling Variations. Great article - although I'd imagine there are a few Forester owners wondering how the different VCs would apply in off-road guess is they'd be quite beneficial in soft sand or mud. Please let us know your thoughts on this.

Rafael Wynn

Yes we think you’re right.

Come and Gone

Hi, I am one of the new readers flocking to your magazine, the problem is as soon as my subscription is over, I won't be renewing,  As Mr Edgar reminds anyone who doesn't like his articles, stop reading. Good advice and well taken. I subscribed to follow the EF [Falcon] build up, the rest I could take or leave and Julian the boys at Fordmods were right that article about  the gearknob was a wank,slot it into one of your 10 ways to cheaply modify your car,but a whole article well hohum, reader numbers may be astronomical but like me the others may not come back. Then your like it or lump editorial style may come back to haunt you.You got one subscription from me but not a second

Jamie Stacey

We don’t think that someone who subscribed just for the EF Falcon content would be very happy with the rest.

The Secret

Re the test of the Mazda SP23. (Mazda3 SP23 Test). Your tester missed some very annoying and major detracting aspects of this car. THIS IS NOT A GOOD CAR ! MAZDA HAS SPENT A GREAT DEAL OF MONEY getting the car wrong! If you send me your email address I will send a critique which I hope you will see as constructive.

Robin McGrath
New Zealand

You sent us this email but you need another address to send in comments?


After some consideration of your new Autospeed format  I have come to the conclusion that this not  the style of e magazine  I will continue to subscribe to. To have to pay to read articles I have already paid for irks me.  To read your arrorgance in some of your replies  eg ( If you don't like AutoSpeed, with all respect there is a simple answer - stop reading it.  etc. , etc..) shows contempt to some of your long time readers You may consider a name change  as the current name does reflect the content  and where it does it's a rerun anyway   I suspect in few years your current batch of new readers will have the same gripes when they start to read reruns or tire of your" personal interest topics"   Best of luck with  "new "  format Phew !  Now after all that ranting please remove me from you subscription list

Kym Nagel

You don’t pay to read articles you have already paid for. And as for arrogance, we don’t read magazines we don’t like - why on earth would we pretend you should?


Dear Autospeed, what happens when all repeat articles have been repeated? Do you keep them going on some continual merry-go-round? Pretty slack Autospeed!

Sean Howe

That would (eventually) be a problem if new material wasn’t also constantly being published.

Good Work

Keep up the good work. I'm happy with the changes. I really enjoy articles about technology. I have a Honda Jazz and love it, you don't need 6 cylinders or 100+kW to be a car enthusiast as some paper mags would have you believe. I think the power games between Holden and Ford are ridiculous. Where can you use this power? As you recently suggested, perhaps the manufacturers could concentrate on comfort a bit more. I am not interested in rubber band tyres or tearing around corners.

Michael Stanley

Doesn’t Understand

Regarding Driving Emotion of 5th May. I don't understand why the old guard have such a massive problem with the "new" (being many months old now) format of the site.

Granted, I did prefer the old format a bit, but as Julian said, if you don't adapt and change, you will die (not in so many words though). The format change is not as drastic as some of the readers make out. If I read a few letters that some of the readers write, it seems that that they are of the opinion that the subject matter of autospeed has changed from automotive and DIY to decorative throw cushions and light elevator music reviews. Please wake up and smell the octane boys.

Remember that you also started out not knowing much about cars and that you had to start somewhere. When I started I wasn't even sure how fuel injection worked and now, after 6 years of autospeeding, I am building very complicated and efficient cars indeed and helped friends of mine modify their cars efficiently as well. None of this would be possible without the technical knowledge gained through his website.

Please give the guys who are just starting out a chance to get to the level you are at and the only way that they can do that is with articles being republished.

Francois van Jaarsveld
South Africa

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