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Electric Water Pump

I'm interested in your article about the electric water pumps (see Testing the Davies Craig Electric Water Pump - Part 1). I am putting a Starlet GT engine in a Mini and am considering fitting an electric water pump to save space etc.. do these things live up to all their hype? (better cooling and increased power etc???)

Pubudu Gunawardena

If we thought it was wonderful we would have said so.

Name Change

I was just reading through your posted article "Type R to 10500". I would like to know why the owner Rob changed his name half way through the article to Roger? Just seems a little impromptu to do something as dramatic and change your name in the middle of an interview. Maybe a proof read next time might be in order.


Well, we thought the name ‘Rob’ was pretty boring, so.... Article now fixed

Prius Environmental Damage

Just thought this article may or may not be of interest. Maybe you can write a piece about your opinion on the subject.

Michael Connors

The article has been widely discredited. The truth is probably somewhere between this and the idea that hybrids are going to save the world.

Falcon Digital Info

One thing I thought of while reading the latest Driving Emotion, regarding calculating Cd from the power output under cruise, is a more accurate way of figuring your exact mileage. The dashboards in EF/EL Falcons also receive some of the information that the trip computer gets, and regardless of whether or not a trip computer is fitted, can display this information in the trip/odometer area (police dashes aside, these have a speedo corrector function, adjusts speed +/- 10% in 0.1% increments).

To access this function, hold the trip button in while the ignition is switched to 'on'. Then release and press the button three times and on the third hold it until the seat belt warning light goes out. Pressing the trip button for under two seconds goes forward one screen, over goes backwards. I think over 7 seconds returns this to the trip/odometer readout. You also don't lose the trip meter memory.

If memory serves me correctly, the fifth screen (indicated in the display by a number) shows instantaneous fuel consumption. The upper number is L/100km, whole numbers only (much like the trip computer), but the interesting bit is the lower number, in L/Hour. This displays to 0.1L/Hour increments, and at 100km/h should be amore accurate figure for the L/100km display. Other features include coolant temp (degrees, above 40 Celsius, measures to 0.1degrees), RPM, vehicle speed, battery voltage, oil pressure (where an oil pressure sender is fitted, otherwise reads zero), fuel remaining, and fuel sender resistance. Also has gear position for automatic cars.

I have sent this before, but that was before I found out what the screens all meant, and long before Frank came to be in your hands.

Ben Powell

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