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Readers' Cars

3000GT, Giant Killer, Pulsar ET

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Shot From a Gun

The slippery winter roads in Switzerland don't pose much of a problem for this big red AWD monster. Roger Gerl is lucky enough to own this 1993 model Mitsubishi 3000GT which certainly has more than enough acceleration and handling for the average snow'n'sleet motorist! The 3-litre quad-cam 24-valve twin turbo V6 has been enhanced with a K&N filter induction kit, HKS sequential blow-off valve, ATR down-pipe and 3-inch cat plus a full Borla 3-inch mandrel system. The big baritone note often sends a roar through the cabin in true racecar style -the sound has great character, but Roger is looking into eliminating it!

To adjust the engine's state of tune, an APEXi Super Airflow Converter now lives inside the cabin and is adjustable in several rpm ranges. Then there's a Blitz DSBC electronic boost controller to manage the turbo wastegates, once delivering up to 1.3 Bar (~19 psi) boost. We say "once" because Roger noticed white puffs of smoke coming up from under the bonnet under high acceleration gearshifts. After some investigation, it was discovered that excessive crankcase pressure was the reason; and the culprit - a couple of broken pistons! The engine was rebuilt using six new stock pistons and as a precautionary measure, the boost gauge now levels out at closer to around 1Bar (~15 psi) pressure...

The sexy coupe has been chassis dyno'd and revealed some very impressive power and torque figures even before its current state of tune. In fact, the power was impressive enough to see the hefty car manage a 13.15-second quarter mile at 112mph (measured on a G-Tech).

And such a pure sports car wouldn't be complete without a new set of wheels all 'round, so 17-inch OZ Mito 2 modular rims were bolted on, clad in Dunlop SP8000 245/45 tyres. Behind these is a vastly improved braking package that has transformed the car's high-speed braking ability. It uses a BREMSA set of 314mm front discs and Pagid pads, while the rear also gets larger discs and PBD pads. Anything that helps this thing slow down is only going to lengthen Roger's life span - this is one hell of a spectacular car! See more of the car and other 3000GT-related info at

Giant Killer

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Jason of Sydney (Australia) has put up the terrific site at that currently caters for turbocharged 4WD cars up to a mighty 1000hp! He owns this hot Subaru WRX (one of only 109 black MY97 manuals in Australia) that manages to keep pace with a lot of the mega-dollar supercars. A G-Tech timed 0-100km/h average of 4.8 seconds is bloody quick - and its best time of 4.52seconds would require any Ferrari driver to get a good launch to save face...

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The engine remains internally stock (big praise for the 2-litre flat-four) but scores extra power though bolt-ons and external means. To let the gas run free, a 3-inch mandrel exhaust with a hi-flo cat and HKS Super Drager muffler is hung beneath the car. The intake to the turbo features a cold air pipe running from the bumper grille and a K&N filter inset in the stock airbox. A bigger and more efficient Performance Metalcraft intercooler bolts onto the original 'cooler's mounts and is pumped by a larger-than-standard turbo.

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A new STi Version 3 IHI RHF5 turbo gets a flow advantage over stock, mainly through a bigger compressor wheel and reduced spool-up time from its roller bearing design. Producing around 17-18psi boost, the heat from the turbo is further dropped by the fitment of a computer-controlled intercooler water spray. To vent induction air (loudly) during gear changes, an HKS sequential blow-off valve is also plumbed into the induction system. ChipTorque supplied a custom management program designed to cope with the extra breathing, with increased fuelling and revised ignition-timing maps throughout the rev-range.

The constant all-wheel drive design is more than capable of handling the resulting 143kW at the wheels, but the suspension has been revised with 1? -inch lower K-Mac springs, bigger K-Mac sway bars and Koni adjustable dampers at each corner. Inside the tinted cabin is a major stereo system headed by a Kenwood KRC-993 10-stack CD with 3-way MB Quart front splits, JBL rear fill speakers and some big bass. A pair of 12-inch JL Audio subs blast out the low frequencies, while the complete system is boosted by Rockford Fosgate 250 M2 and Soundstream Reference 700X amplifiers. The stereo screaming at 135dB and the roar of the flat-four poised menacingly at the lights should be enough to put that Ferrari driver off his launch!

Low e.t. ET

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A light shunt up the back thanks to a Corolla was just the excuse Cameron Starfield of South Australia needed to get his 1984 Nissan Pulsar ET fully resprayed while all the mechanical mods were happening. Having owned the car for around three years, Cameron first replaced the tired original 1.5 litre turbomotor with a newer-spec 'red rocker' engine which has a revised intake manifold design. The standard T2 turbo unit is bolted to the exhaust manifold, but exhaust gasses flow easier though a 2? inch exhaust system with a single rear muffler to keep things legal.

Back under the bonnet, a 13B Mazda turbo intercooler has been situated on the left hand side, a move which necessitated the battery being pushed over to the driver's side. The 'cooler is fed air by one of a pair of bonnet vents (both of which have been pulled from a Volvo truck) and there is also a Camira thermo fan underneath the core to draw air through. Twin Sigma washer bottles and pumps have found their way in, with one dedicated to running a pair of spray nozzles aimed across the intercooler core.

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To make sure these cool-air efforts are retained, Thermo-tech insulation wrap has been wound onto all the intercooler pipes. A Bosch blow-off valve has also been tee'd in. The side-entry intake manifold is now equipped with a larger VL Commodore throttle body (virtually a straight bolt-on) that was purchased along with the Camira thermo fan for just $25! Beat that!

Running just the standard 7psi boost, the car torque-steers in first gear and the front 195 tyres still scramble for grip near red-line in second! A few more pounds boost and things will get real interesting...

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Externally the car has been re-sprayed in a colour similar to its factory mix, but the colour has had more red added to achieve the hue Cameron was chasing. While the back-end was apart for crash repairs, the standard Pulsar ET rear spoiler (which has a habit of causing rust) was booted and replaced with a Japanese-spec wing. For now the standard 14-inch alloys are used, but there are plans for maybe 17s to accompany the existing 2-inch lowered springs.

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Inside the cabin is a 6-stack CD system with 7x10 Kenwood rear speakers fed by a 2-channel Sherwood amp and mixed brand front splits powered by a smaller amp. Autometer boost and oil pressure gauges sit to the right of the instrument binnacle and there is also an aftermarket steering wheel to grasp when the hammer's down

A great urban ball-of-fun.

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